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[Update 09.11.2017] Wings, bind commands, fixes, hard-teleport


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Posted 12 September 2017 - 04:42 PM

18*. Added long-awaited wings of the 5th level, they can be obtained for 3 gr, respectively, for level 4 for 2, and it was just not everyone knew that 4 wings can be taken by analogy with the thing with sockets, too, for 2 gr. There will also be contests with them, if there are participants.
19*. Added 'special' wings for those who want to support the server(because donate is closed) and do not look like everything. Such wings are individual for each bought, and will be called in his honor, the wings themselves are no different from the 5th, only look unique. It's worth the 50$ pleasure.
20*. Added a few new bosses, appear in turn in the center of the Lorencia, and fall from them Pink of Chocolate.


To begin with, the previous points with which problems have arisen have been completed. Here is the list of updates:
1. Now for events [Skeleton King] 5 stones fall instead of 2 of the boss, and on a pebble from the remaining skeletons.
2. All Divine items have been reworked, they are unique in that they have a small minimal damage, and almost the topmost maximum, now the client has the correct values.
3. Fixed problems with the market when buying, as soon as I get to the logs I will return the stones to those who did not receive the purchased items.
4. The main buffs of players were recycled, now they disappear at the next entrance, this was done so that everyone could monitor the time of the buff and manage it, the /offafk buffs remain.
5. From this day, we'll have to walk around the locations to get to the spot or event, all the locations with numbers, that is, to the 4 Devias place, have been removed from the teleport window, there is only one, it balances the difference in the teleport levels of the DL and MG. And also added a teleporter for the Valley of Loren.
6. Now with the murder of Nightmare, Kundun, Golden Tantalos, messages are displayed about the name of the one who killed him.
7. Increased the damage in pvp by about 8 times, those who were under siege could already evaluate it. Also for balance purposes, the damage to the FireFlash skill was increased, as MG had nothing.
8. Removed command /pkclear and now all locations are pvp.
9. Binded fast commands, now when you press ALT + 1, the command /afk is executed, at ALT + 2 the command /offafk, with ALT + 3 /reset, all other digits and ALT give the message Mu-Online.MD as before.
10. All weapons of the type Axe and Spear are removed from the drop of strong bosses, now they can be obtained from Silver Medal.

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