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[Update 15.08.2017] New wings, balance of pvp and buffs


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Posted 18 August 2017 - 08:11 PM

As for the competition, as few people participated in it, was decided to give everyone who participated on the Gold vip for 10 days to everyone, the participants will be announced additionally in the corresponding section, sadness. All that is written below will take effect after the server restart, which will happen today(August 15, 17) at 18:00 by server time and the list of changes:
1. Solved problems with braking and in the consequences teleportation in Kalima, so now collect a ticket without worry.
2. Some cells in the Arena locations have been changed, now they are closed, and you can only go here using Teleport of SM and its Teleport Ally, as well as inside the top spots, it's worth noting that in the Arena locations on one monster less than in Land Of Trial, so was and just decided to recall.
3. The duration of buffs on map such as CryWolf, Vally of Loren, and Land of Trial is reduced to 2 minutes, it's noteworthy that there is a bass of other locations, then at the teleport it will also be 7 hours as before, done for the castle.
4. The % success of Jewel of GOD is increased to 80% for regular players and (82%, 85%, 87%) for VIPs.
5. The increase in Gemstone's fall to the Kanturu Event has been increased by 1.5 times, and now it will be next two hours after done.
6. Removed from the store components to brew the last ticket in Devil Square, but increased to 100% mix, just like Blood Castle.
7. The life of rabbits from Rabbits Event is cut 2 times.
8. At the events of Chaos Castle, Ancient things are now falling, note: that would be to get out of the party.
9. The health of the Selupan boss was cut 4 times, replacing its damage by 10, replacing it with a weak one.
10. Added 30% chance of falling out of all boxes, the amount of zen falls depending on the rarity of boxing(from Heart of Love to 1kk, and from Pink of Chocolate is 10kk).
11. And for the problems with the Power Slash skill when pumping a skill tree, the MG's leveling skill in /afk was changed to Evil Spirit, so to pump, throw the energy stats.
12. Increased the buff of the Shadow Phantom Soldier almost to the full length of the stable elf, as well as now its buff holds 7 hours, the only thing that it disappears when you leave the game or teleport to the 20th server. And I do not give a buff any more as there is this npc which is always online.
13. In the past, updates have been added to the Happy Hour event, evening time, now changed to 23:00, the idea was that there would be an increase in experience for those who leave in the morning and going to bed in the evening, and at 20:00 it was for the test, excuse me.
14. All the buffs were polished.
15. The maximum % of the reflectance is now 100% in pvp, for good reason the sets are collected, and against monsters it is cut to 80%.
16. Meet the next version of the balance of power in pvp and against monsters, this time it's almost the final settings.
17. Sphere of all 3 levels fall on locations Swamp of Calmness, and monsters in it became tenacious. And as their respawn is increased as in the locations of Raklion in other matters.
18*. Added long-awaited wings of the 5th level, they can be obtained for 3 gr, respectively, for level 4 for 2, and it was just not everyone knew that 4 wings can be taken by analogy with the thing with sockets, too, for 2 gr. There will also be contests with them, if there are participants.
19*. Added 'special' wings for those who want to support the server(because donate is closed) and do not look like everything. Such wings are individual for each bought, and will be called in his honor, the wings themselves are no different from the 5th, only look unique. It's worth the 50$ pleasure.
20*. Added a few new bosses, appear in turn in the center of the Lorencia, and fall from them Pink of Chocolate.
Just a couple of changes in the site:
1. Added top events, such as BC, CC, DS. And as the top participating in the duels, let everyone know who is the coolest on the server.
2. Reduced the price for 1 PC Cafe Point from 50 to 5 credits, forgot about the site.
3. The online hours exchange function for loans is renewed.
4. Added post chat from server 1 directly to the site, in the usual colors, you can follow the post being in Land of Trial through the site, or from your mobile.
5. Added a part where you can enter a promo code, this is for future bonuses in social networks.
6. Added links to the social network, note: each has its own language, you do not need to enter into everything only if you really want.
7. The most interesting was corrected a bug in the market, you bought for free from the market, and the seller was credited with stones, we will consider a small bonus for those who among the first began to use it.
* With these points, problems have arisen, so it is postponed.
* The photos will be added later.


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