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Stop easy, bonuses for beginners, item witch socket


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Posted 02 August 2017 - 10:38 AM

It was decided to award the first 3 players from the top, guys you fellows, the first will get 2 rings+13+28 and a pendant with 6 options, the second 2 rings+13+28 with 6 options and the third one ring+13+28 with 6 options. Now these items will get BumBelBee, LLIaPaBuK and cMePuCb, then if the situation with the top 3 will change items will be transferred to others, please contact me for a receipt. And now the list of changes:
1. Credits for voting on MMOTOP and Q-TOP come automatically during(from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours), be careful when entering the name of the character, if it does not match the credits do not come, if you have problems with this, please contact me. And in any case, do not enter anywhere your account.
2. A problem was found with PC Cafe Point, the counter is reset after teleport to another server(from Lorencia to CryWolf for example). The time was reduced to 30 minutes, so that there would be no questions, watch the time before teleportation, in exchange prices were increased in the PC Cafe Point store, new prices can be viewed in the relevant topic.
3. On the site, in the download section, you can find a patch for 380 levels on things to add pvp options to the Goblin. To install, unzip the patch in the client with a replacement, then go into the game through the Main and after make the purple options, just need to do an update in the launcher and be able to dress a thing from 1 level.
4. Truncated 2% of the Jewel of Guardian and Ancient fall out of the Land of Trial locations. And as in 2 times% dropout zen on the whole server.
5. Changed Zen Increase and EXP Increase in the skill tree, now the maximum Zen(4%, 8% 12%, 16%, 20%) and EXP(1%, 2%, 4%, 8%, 16% That 40% was too), for the correct display you need to update the client through the launcher.
6. Increased the buff time of the NPC Elf(from Noria or the exit from Lorencia) to one hour(that is, 2 times).
7. Added boost experience for beginners, gaining experience depending on the reset:
from 0rr to 5rr gets experience equal to x100
from 5rr to 10rr gets experience equal to x90
from 10rr to 15rr gets experience equal to x80
from 15rr to 20rr gets experience equal to x70
from 20rr to 25rr gets experience equal to x60
8. Added the event [Happy Hour], runs at 6, 7 am and 8 pm, there is a schedule on the main site, the event itself is that the experience gets increased to x65 or x70 depending on the time per hour, from here and the name .
9. The levels /afk and /offafk commands are adjusted, now to use the first one you need(100, 75, 50, 25) level depending on the group(Player, Bronze, Silver, Gold) and(300, 250, 200, 150) level similarly, that would be the second, I remind you that there is a competition where as many as 6 places for VIP status for a month, but so far only 2 members particip.
10. Removed Jewel of Chaos from [Drop Event] and added Box of Luck and Box of Heaven, in replacement for the updated [Rabbits Event], now the rabbits are 2 times larger and drop only Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul or Jewel of Life, and on 3 pieces from each one, the schedule on a site.
11. Updated the balance of damage for monsters for all characters, as well as small changes in the anti-mat system. A new version of the balance in pvp is worth waiting for next week.
12. Added things with sockets, they need to be knocked out of the monsters that live in the locations of Raklion, the monsters themselves become stronger and more viable, and the Pink Chocolate Box falls from them, which already have things with sockets, things can fall with or without luck, with 1 or 2 excelent options and self-reporting with 1 or 5 empty socket options. Things for the mix and adding the desired option will be in the next update.


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