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Update 08.05.2017


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Posted 11 May 2017 - 05:55 AM

A couple of weeks, there were no updates, all for the holidays, will be on schedule every 2 weeks. But this time the list is a little more!
1. Added spots in Arena and Land Of Trial.
1.1 added a bank(Vault Keeper) in all locations.
2. Infinity Arrow time increased to 24 hours.
3. Tickets to the last Blood Castle were removed from the store, in replacement, the% of the mix was increased to 100%.
4. The percentage of 3 Wings mix is ​​increased from 30 to 50%.
5. Added additional banks /ware 1,2,3,4 for all, not only for VIPs.
6. Removed 380 level from item, there will be days in the month when they will be returned to make the pvp options.
7. The% Master Level experience is increased from x1 to x25.
8. Corrected teleport from Noria to Aida1.
9. Teleport to Arena was added on foot with 200 lvls. And also increased lvl passage in Vally of Loren through Lorencia to 150.
10. Fixed a drop from the boss Selupan. And as his respawn is increased to 7 hours.
11. An automatic Drop Event is added, which will be held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 21:00 in Atlans locations. Drop Jewel of Chaos and Box of Kundum(+1+2+3+4+5) and 2 Jewel of GOD.
12. changed Summon DL, now the minimum lvl teleport is the same as for DL and not in the teleport window, for example now DL can teleport BK from 166 lvl directly to the Arena location.
13. Added an anti-math system. Will be tested and improved in real conditions.
14. Now the command /pkclear - costs 10 times more that is 250 kk zen.
15. The buff time is also increased in GameServer_CS to 7 hours, and Expansion of Wizardy now lasts 7 hours.
16. SD Potion is downgraded, by about 30%.
17. Added Rabbits Event, there are hares in Devias4 and 50/50 of them drop rocks or 5 ken of each of 2 variants. The schedule will be on the site.
18. The price for Jewel of GOD in PC cafe point store is reduced to 20 PC cafe point and 10 for Talisman of Chaos Assembly.
19. The time for the bonus for online is reduced, now for 7 hours in the game gives 1 PC cafe point.
1. Fixed display of Select Character on high settings and remote camera.
2. Braking is fixed in some locations.
3. added a gate in the passageway if you go on foot to the Arena location(9x115).
4. Fixed displaying % mix in Chaos Mashine, and other mixes.
*That everything would appear you need to update the client, you need to re-enter through Launcher.
1. The ability to purchase a VIP for credits right in the player's pane has been added.
 VIP Bronze - 1000 credits - 10 days
 VIP Silver - 2000 credits - 10 days
 VIP Gold - 3000 credits - 10 days
2. Finally, a market is added where anyone can sell or buy a thing for stones(Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Bless) or zen.
3. fixed the exchange of time online for loans, the module will not be disconnected anymore.
4. The rules of the server are rewritten, it is obligatory for acquaintance! Appear in a separate item in the menu, only 7 pieces.
4.1 and added warnings when you sign in to your account. Soon will be added and ways to remove them.
*The site update is not yet ready, so it will be in the week, many are waiting for the update and on this everything is painted.

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