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Update 20.03.2017


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Posted 11 May 2017 - 05:46 AM

It remains exactly a week before the announcement of the results of the competition for VIP status (details in the subject The best photo).
All who will be online on Sunday at 22:00 and they have not a single warning for breaking the rules will receive 100 credits each, and this will not be the only time, keep playing adequately! And as soon as information on those who have a warning and a way to reset them will appear on the site, it is possible in the next updates.
Almost a weekly update list:
1. Added the command /reset auto - automatically reset at 400 level. To stop the process, you need to write the command again.
2. Added top spots in Arena 2(at the end of the first arena pass) as well as in Land of Trial(also top), as well as an% increase in the loss of Ancient things in 2 times, now you have to fight for the castle (every Saturday at 22: 00).
3. A smithy on the site is opened, where anyone can tie up things(the latter, respectively, with 380 level sets) for loans(maximum possible to make 2 options to choose from).
4. The function of the exchange of online time for credits(1 credit for every hour spent in the game (the time was counted from the moment of opening) was added), as well as the exchange of credits for pc cafe points(1 pc cafe point for 50 credits). I specify that if you spent in the game without stopping at /offafk and the outputs, then 1 pc cafe point every 12 hours is additionally charged.
5. Added incentive system for voting on mu2.png(click on the banner under the statistics of the server) that you would like to register on their site and when voting you need to enter the name of the character(more in the topic how to vote correctly). One vote = 20 credits, accrued in the currents of the day.
6. Increased the % dropout fragments to create Horn of Fenrir(details of the process and% of cooking in the relevant topic on the forum) on the map CryWolf, as well as in this location falls and Condor Flame(details in the topic of cooking 3 wings).
7. The Loch's Feather drop is increased 10 times in the Icarus locations.
8. Fixed Ring of Wizard from White Wizard. As well as from the monsters guarding him, stones fall (Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Guardian) or 2kk zen.
9. CryWolf Event(details on the process will be published soon on the forum) takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 21:00, the last cannon is dropped from the boss itself, and for successful protection all participants get 50/50 10kk zen or Jewel of GOD .
10. While passing Kanturu Event, the% Gemstone drop is increased.
11. Added locations for events such as Skeleton King, Red Dragon(that is, when it begins the same way it writes in the center in the cocoon locations).


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